Kihívások, amelyekben élünk - ECEN Nagygyűlés 2022

Az Európai Keresztyén Környezetvédelmi Hálózat (ECEN) irányító testülete meghív minden ECEN tagot és érdeklődőt a következő éves Nagygyűlésére, amely online formában kerül megrendezésre  2022. június 13-15. között, "Kihívások, amelyben élünk" címmel. Az angol nyelvű konferencián a részvétel ingyenes, regisztrálni június 10-ig van lehetőség az alábbi linken.
ECEN evening nature walk photo Erin GreenPhoto: Erin Green

 The Assembly will offer the space for a discussion of main challenges on the way to a sustainable future, including energy security, European Green Deal and climate vulnerability as underlined in the last IPCC report, from the perspective of churches.


The impacts of the pandemic have not stopped climate change or environmental degradation. Covid-19 brought to the forefront many concerns related to the human dependency on creation.
Assessment of achieved results, and new scientific data evaluating the progress of climate change, are reasons for growing distress.
The European Green Deal, and commitment to reach climate neutrality by 2050, are reasons for some positive expectations.
Churches and faith-based organisations are included in those who carefully monitor developments and, at the same time, offer space for a growing number of its members to take part in efforts leading to a sustainable future. Networking and exchange of experience is, in this situation, becoming more important than ever before.
An essential aspect of the ECEN Conference 2022 will be relating the work of European churches in ecology and care for creation to the 2022 Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Karlsruhe, cooperation with youth, and a discussion on the future of ECEN.


Topics include:
  • Theological perspective of the current ecological challenges
  • What did we learn from the pandemic?  
  • How to react to demands of energy security and growing vulnerability to climate change? 
  • The European Green Deal and the role of churches - advocacy and dialogue of churches with politics
  • Networking and cooperation in responding to challenges of ecology
  • Environment, climate justice, and peace - concerns of ecumenical youth 
Keynote speakers:
  • Archbishop K. G. Hammar (Church of Sweden) 
  • Dr Ruth Valerio, Global Advocacy and Influencing Director, Tearfund 
Panel discussion with:
  • Members of the European Parliament Sirpa Pietikainen (Finland) and Martin Hojsík (Slovakia) 
  • Youth
  • Representatives of church-related projects in care for creation 



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